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Supporting Our Troops…..

It’s interesting how the War in Iraq became a main theme for the
Washington politicals as they exited for vacation. Bush ends one
of his biggest denials by finally comparing Iraq to Vietnam....
Then there’s the 15 $million$ ad campaign thrown @ us on the
evening news to impact Congress to continue supporting the War.
Have you seen these spots? They’re called: It’s No Time for Politics...
The most manipulative one has an Iraq war veteran on camera
walking on artificial legs saying…. "if we pull out now, everything
I've given and
the sacrifices will mean nothing…."
FINALLY, Sen. John Warner, R-Va, suggests that some troops leave
Iraq by Christmas & then defends his statement by saying…
"I'm not going to issue
any clarification, I don't think any clarification
is needed."
Bravo Senator Warner!!
I guess Liz Taylor really does have great taste in men!

GLAAD P-Town Event Pixs....!!

The Event was Absolut-ly Fabulous!!
We Got Lots of Pixs of Everyone @
The Aussiebum Fashion Show..:)
Even a Few of the Gals Showed Up.....
The Models Were The Hottest!!
Bids Ran in the Thousands!!!
Over $18,000 was Raised for GLAAD
Miss Richfield 1981 & Rick From the Crown...:)
View Our Trailer on Gay Marriage

Hey Dems, is this 2007 or 1953??

Well my Darlings , here's the score from the Dems debate on LGBT
issues here in the land of the free & home of the not so brave....
Hillary, Obama and Edwards were all very disappointing.
I don't care if you're against gay marriage but at least have the
guts when asked to tell us why? Don't insult us by saying the
country isn't ready for it.....
Why are all these candidates smiling? It's simple. They all have
the rights, benefits and protections for their families that we don't
have. Dodd & Biden played it safe by not attending at all!
Kucinich and Gravel, the long shots, (the 2 in the lower right of the
above pix,) were the most truthful & sincere. They both get it.
We can hope their integrity will rub off on the front runners. Bravo
to LOGO, HRC and the panelists, at least the dialog has started.
Updates to Come.. return to main blog
View Our Trailer on Gay Marriage

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