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Pink Martini Sold-Out in Boston!!!

Pink Martini Update '08...:)
Pink Martini was Fabulous! They played 2 sets to a
sold-out audience @ Symphony Hall. Backstage we
hugged and caught-up as we munched on pizza &
birthday cake for Paloma, their amazing violinist.
Their New CD "Hey Eugene" is Perfection!!
Oh did I tell you Pink Martini will be playing @
yours truly’s wedding??? Details to follow…… :)

Homophobia in America…..

Homophobia will be an ongoing issue at OUTTAKEonline until the
hateful language and violence against the LGBT community ends….
Nothing is worse then dealing with an ignorant homophobic
person in your family. Be patient and try to work them through
the process. Share your stories of your trials and errors of dealing
with this person and we’ll print them to help others cope and learn
from your experiences. You are not alone. :)
Playing it straight when you're not, isn't going to cut it anymore.
It's not healthy for you and quite frankly it's not helping the
homophobe. All it's doing is keeping both parties from evolving.
Confrontations are difficult for a lot of people. Everyone reaches
a point when enough is enough and being yourself is the only
solution. It may seem unnerving in the moment but in the long
run, it's the best way! So be proud and strong to be you. :)
And never lose your humor Darlings! ......Blog HP

And the Winners Are…….

Best Feature: “Death at a Funeral”
Best Documentary: “For the Bible Tell Me So”
Best Short: “A Private Life”

Denise had a fabulous time covering the Film Fest
for us @ OUTTAKEonline :)
She looks forward to seeing everyone next year!!
Congrats on a Great Festival!!
Blog HP

18 More Months of Bush??

The latest figures are out that opposition to the War in Iraq continues to be the top issue of concern for the American public. Do you think the candidates running for President in 2008 are going to make a difference bringing the troops home in the next 18 months? With all the mud slinging between parties already, can we wait 18 months?? And with some of these flip flop candidates what guarantee do we have that anything will be amended with a change of command?? It's up to We The People... The buzz has started.... Pump up the volume America!!! Bring the troops home…..

OUTLOUD on Church Street, Nashville

Well my darlings, Nashville was delightful!!
Everyone was very friendly and the Gay community is thriving! Check out OUTLOUD for your traveling and communication needs I visited most of the clubs and bistros on Church Street.... And speaking of Church Street, Nashville is home to 800 Churches mostly Christian.......

VICTORY!!! June 14th, 2007

Gay Marriage Remains the Law in Massachusetts!!!
Bravo my darlings, your noble efforts have paid off! The Con Con
voted down the amendment to the constitution. Gay Marriage
remains the law in Massachusetts....View our Trailer on Gay Marriage
The Amendment to the Constitution Has Been Defeated!!!

Historic Pix's of June 14th 2007.... :)

Back To The State House
The Opposition
All Ages in Support of Gay Marriage
The Media is on Hand...Of Course....
Waiting Outside for the 1PM Vote
Inside the State House Proud to Be Americans
Shouts of Joy
It's Over..... It's Finally Over!!
The Amendment is Defeated....
We Won't Need These Anymore.....
Gay Marriage Remains the Law In Massachusetts
View our Trailer on Gay Marriage

Kathleen Turner & John Waters

(Herald photo by Jennifer Longley)
Kathleen was honored this year @ the P-Town Film Festival with the Bacardi Peach Red Lifetime Achievement Award. Wouldn’t it be the best if they made another oh so dark comedy together again!!!


No One Rained on Our 2007 Pride Parade! Thanks to everyone who
struck a pose for us @ OUTTAKEonline. :)

Elvis Sighting in Nashville!!!

Well my Darlings, this was an interesting experience for someone who thought they would never visit the South. I followed the sea of cowboy hats to the honky-tonk saloons & venues along Broadway providing country/rock wannabees & hopefuls a chance to stab @ their dreams. They perform live from 11AM on…. & lots of street musicians that you can’t help wonder ...."Are they on their way up or down…..”

The other bit of knowledge you should know about, Nashville is home to 800 Churches mostly Christian. They should view our trailer on Gay Marriage. :) Then you cross the rail yard on Church Street & continue on a few blocks & you’ll see gay flags, clubs & bistros. More on the Gay scene to come….. :)

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