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The Truth About Gay Marriage.....

Gay Marriage is fueled by fear instead of facts. OUTTAKE Media, providing crucial info with LGBT leaders on this issue & beyond.... Listen to an interview with Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis)

& continue this inquiry on the Huffington Post as the Congresswoman addresses gay marriage & the election. Then hear an interview with Lee Swislow, Executive Director of GLAD (Gay Lesbian Advocates & Defenders)
which helped pass crucial legislation that made gay marriage legal in Massachusetts & now Connecticut. Read more of our GLAD interview also on the Huffington Post....

P-Town in October '08.....:)

This a Great Time to Check-OUT Provincetown....
Most of the Guest Houses are @ Off Season Rates :)
For More Info: ProvincetownLive.net
However, Don't Totally Getaway from Political Activism..
Our LGBT Community has a lot @ Stake....
Just Beware!!
Halloween & The Election are Creeping Upon Us....
Have a Fabulous Weekend!!
Tomorrow is Issue Monday....:)

"Drop Dead GOP" The Must-See Video 10/08

Watch this provocative view of the GOP: Greed Over People... In these spiritually challenging times, Reverend Richard Emmanuel discusses his short film & shares his views about Obama, McCain, Palin, Politics, War, Religion & LGBT Rights in this rare & profound
interview following his film. For more info: TheChurch.org

Audio-Interview Length 15:32

Interview Length: 15:27

View Our Trailer on Gay Marriage

Malcolm Lazin,"Equality Forum" 10/08

Audio-Interview Length 14:48
In this exclusive interview Malcolm Lazin discusses the importance of documenting our LGBT history & what he sees in the future for our LGBT community......
Malcolm Lazin is Founder & Director of Equality Forum out of Philadelphia that addresses LGBT issues nationally & globally. Lazin is also an accomplished Documentary Filmmaker & has produced films dealing with Homophobia, pre-Stonewall activism & 9/11 LGBT Heroes....

Check-OUT each day in October for the daily LGBT icon featured on "GLBT History Month" & visit their site to view 75+ additional LGBT icons that have been profiled over the last 3 years @ EqualityForum.com This is a fabulous LGBT resource link.....:)

New England Autumn Colors.....:)

With Everything That's OUT of Whack in the World...
Take a Moment & Check-OUT Some Natural Beauty....
Have a Fabulous Weekend....:)
Tomorrow is Issue Monday.....
View Our Trailer on Gay Marriage

Next Week We'll Have a New President.....

Now with the election one week away the entire Country is nervous. With Wall Street & McCain on the continual decline, Obama leads in the polls. Now it's up to the people to do the right thing & elect Obama President. Let's have a fresh breath of air cleanse the White House of this GOP corruption & try getting this country back on track! Check-OUT this Obama LGBT Pride Video....... We won't see one from McCain....

Have A Gorgeous Columbus Day.....:)

Fall Colors in New England Have Begun....
Perfect Weather for Foliage Peeping.....
Enjoy These Fabulous Autumn Days......:)
Tomorrow is Issue Tuesday.....

Come OUT Come OUT Wherever You Are:)

For most of our LGBT community coming-OUT is definitely a rite of passage. I remember how difficult is was for me. I tossed & turned about telling my parents. Then their was this weekend when my girlfriend & I stayed overnight @ my parents summerhouse. We were playing the game of separate bedrooms. The bedrooms were divided by the only bathroom in the house. It was early in the morning & I was having work anxieties so I climbed into bed with Sue to talk about it. Within minutes the door swung open & my Dad on the way to the bathroom caught us in bed together. We weren't doing anything but he knew & ran to tell my Mom..... I was pretty much disowned for a year but they got over it. Before my mom passed-away she said how lucky she was that all her children had found someone to love.......:)
View Our Trailer on Gay Marriage

Victory! Gay Marriage Passes In Connecticut

Harford, Connecticut - Connecticut's Supreme Court ruled Friday that gay couples have the right to marry, making that state the third behind Massachusetts & California to legalize gay marriage. The divided court ruled 4-3 that gay & lesbian couples cannot be denied the freedom to marry under the state constitution & Connecticut's civil unions law does not provide those couples with the same rights as heterosexual couples. Bravo Connecticut!! More info: GLAD.org Check-OUT GLAD's Lee Swislow (Audio Interview) on gay marriage.....Updates to come.....:)
View Our Trailer on Gay Marriage

Celebrate LGBT History......

The Equality Forum out of Philly presents
LGBT History Month with 31 videos of famous
icons from our community. Play Videos...
Photo by C. Robinson
View Our Trailer on Gay Marriage

The Week After the 700 Billion $$ Bail-OUT

The World Financial Markets are showing signs of total collapse as we head into the Great Depression of the 21th Century.....Isn't it amazing opening our mailboxes @ the number of credit card offers from various Banks on the Brink of Disaster still arriving daily..:) Wall Street closed down 2400 pts after 8 days of closing losses..... So how does this really effect Main Street????
What's more worthless then the dollar??? It's got to be plastic...:) Here we're approaching debts in the trillions & we're offered the deal of a lifetime in credit cards @ 0%....Ya gotta wonder who's writing this script......???? Updates to come....
View Our Trailer on Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage Will Bring $$$ to America...

On average U.S. couples spend $28,800 for their wedding.
This does not include the cost for a honeymoon,
wedding rings, bridal consultants, wedding planners
or accommodations for their families & friends....
So how many millions $$$ would Gay couples
bring to our economy in the name of love??
In the Billions $$$..... :)

Deal Washington Style ......$$$$ 10/3/08

The House has passed the HR 1424 Bail-OUT bill. The Senate passed the emergency Bail-OUT on Wednesday. As you know the House defeated a $700 billion rescue for the nation's financial system on Monday. The Bill was revised & went from 3 pages to 500. Is this the 1st step that will head off a Depression? Time will tell....:)
For a detailed statement from Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin check-OUT comments.....As Obama said about the situation: "We need to put OUT the fire & then go after the fire starters." Updates to come......:)

Don’t Procrastinate With Your Health...

Eleven years ago I was doing a self-examination & I found a small lump in my right breast. First I ignored it hoping it would go away but it didn't. I called the American Cancer Society & told them my situation. I didn't have health insurance & I needed to check it out. They couldn't have been sweeter finding me a doctor in my area. I was so young everyone said to me it's probably nothing. I hoped they were right but in my heart I knew something was wrong. Well I'm one of the lucky ones. I caught it early & I'm here to tell my story. I've been cancer-free for 11 years. All I can tell you is do your self-examinations & get your mammograms. :)
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