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Come OUT Come OUT Wherever You Are:)

By Charlotte Robinson, October 12, 2007
For most of our LGBT community coming-OUT is definitely a rite of passage. I remember how difficult is was for me. I tossed & turned about telling my parents. Then their was this weekend when my girlfriend & I stayed overnight @ my parents summerhouse. We were playing the game of separate bedrooms. The bedrooms were divided by the only bathroom in the house. It was early in the morning & I was having work anxieties so I climbed into bed with Sue to talk about it. Within minutes the door swung open & my Dad on the way to the bathroom caught us in bed together. We weren't doing anything but he knew & ran to tell my Mom..... I was pretty much disowned for a year but they got over it. Before my mom passed-away she said how lucky she was that all her children had found someone to love.......:)
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