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P-Town Film Fest Celeb Highlights & Pixs :)

Provincetown International Film Festival was Fabulous & Star-Studded.....
John Waters & Jane Lynch struck a pose @ the Awards Presentations....Jane,
Best in Show & the L Word fame, received the Faith Hubley Memorial Award....
Madonna's US premiere of Filth & Wisdom cast member Vicky McClure was on hand for a Q & A
Director Quentin Tarantino received the2008 Filmmaker on the Edge Award....
Alan Ball, Six Feet Under & Ted Hope, 21 Gramsshared their expertise @ a breakfast discussion ofbehind the scenes of their new film Towelhead.... :)
And The 2008 Fest Winners Are......
Hear Audio Interviews w/ LGBT Leaders @OUTTAKE VOICES™

Congress Addresses Transgender Rights

Congresswoman Baldwin testified @ a groundbreaking hearing before the House Education & Labor Committee’s Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor & Pensions. The hearing entitled “An Examination of Discrimination against Transgender Americans in the Workplace,” was the first in Congress dedicated exclusively to the issue of workplace discrimination against transgender Americans.

Baldwin told her colleagues, “Corporate America & the American people are way ahead of the Congress in acknowledging the basic truth we hold to be self-evident… that all of us are created equal… & the laws of the land should reflect that equality. It is high time that America declare discrimination based on gender identity & expression unlawful.” Baldwin’s statement continues in comments……:)
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And The 2008 Winners Are...... :)

The Provincetown Film Fest ended its 10th anniversary celebration of independent filmmaking by awarding the following:

The Audience Award for Best Feature Film was given to:
FROZEN RIVER , directed by Courtney Hunt

The Audience Award for Best Documentary was given to:
FLOW: FOR THE LOVE OF WATER , directed by Irena Salina

The Audience Award for Best Short Film was given to:
WHO I AM, directed by Whitney Peters

The John Schlesinger Award (first time filmmaker):
was given to Lance Hammer, director of BALLAST

We had a Blast! We met some amazing Celebs & Filmmakers & saw some Fabulous Flicks. We look forward to seeing everyone next year....:)
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Alan Ball Pushes the Envelope Again

In its East Coast Premiere, Alan Ball's Directorial Debut in "Towelhead" goes beyond "American Beauty".....:) Jasira is a 13 year old Arab-American girl discovering & acting on her sexual awakening. This movie will make you squirm in your seat @ times as it takes you on a very graphic & intimate journey. "Towelhead" challenges our sexual morality & takes you to places only Alan Ball dares to go......:) I met Alan Ball & producer Ted Hope. (21 Grams)
Check-OUT Alan Ball's LGBT Vision: Audio Interview
Sept. 12th..... :) More Fest Dish & Buzz.....

P-Town Film Fest June 17-21-2009

The Provincetown International Film Festival began June 17th
Sunday June 21st. This is the 3rd year we’ll be covering
this prestigious
film festival for OUTTAKE MEDIA. We’ll have dish
& film
reviews. Pix to come...:) The Opening Night Film was Woody
Allen’s WHATEVER WORKS (New England Premiere) starring
David, Evan Rachel Wood, Patricia Clarkson & Ed Begley, Jr.
Check It OUT.....:)
"Whatever Works"
This year there are over 50 feature films, documentaries & shorts
viewed at
numerous venues. Great Audio Interviews Next Week :)
Writer/Director GUY MADDIN (“My Winnipeg,” “The Saddest Music in the World,” “Careful”) was awarded the 2009 Filmmaker on the Edge Award Tonight. John Waters did a great interview with Guy. We'll have the audio interview next week...:)Actor Alessandro Nivola (“Junebug,” “Laurel Canyon,” and the upcoming 2009 films “Coco Before Chanel” and “Howl”) received the Excellence in Acting Award. He was interviewed by Ruby Rich. We'll have the audio interview next week.
Strand Releasing was honored with the Lifetime Achievement. Audio interview next week ......Updates to Come....:) We'll be covering the Awards Presentation Tonight w/ Updates :) Award. Listen to an excerpt of our Audio Interview w/ Gabrielle Hanna,
Executive Director of the P-Town International Film Festival. To Hear the full interview: OUTTAKE VOICES™

Madonna's 'Filth & Wisdom' is Brilliant

Madonna makes her directorial debut in the US premier of “Filth & Wisdom” @ the Provincetown International Film Fest. Beautifully shot, it's the story centered on 3 flatmates living in London in pursuit of their dreams. With a somewhat biographical narrative, this hip dark comedy takes the audience on an intriguing ride.....Check-OUT Interview & Clip....:)
Scheduled for a North American release in October, we'll have excerpts of a revealing Q & A with cast member Vicky McClure, prior to its release. Check it OUT....:) More Fest Buzz to come...
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P-Town Film Festival Through Sunday.... :)

We're headed down to Provincetown for the Film Festival.
We'll be updating the BLOG with all the celeb dish & events. :)
Quentin Tarantino is this year's recipient of Filmmaker on
the Edge Award, Gael Garcia to receive Excellence in Acting
Award & Jane Lynch of "Best in Show"& "the LWord fame is
receiving the Faith Hubley Memorial Award.....
See You There.....!! :)
For Film Schedules & Tixs Info.....
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Gay Marriage, California Style....:)

We've heard about Ellen & Portia planning to tie the knot. :)
Well, yesterday the California's Supreme Court ruling went
into effect & gay marriage became the law in another US state!
Thousands of gay couples applied & received marriage licenses.
Recently I had the privilege to interview Jennifer Pizer,
co-counsel in this historic case for our gay marriage
documentary. Here’s an excerpt…..:)

Ms Pizer, what will be happening this week?

“ We will see joy as gay & lesbian couples apply & receive
marriage licenses with the full blessing of the state of
California & we will see couples marrying knowing that
the state to which they pay their taxes & their allegiance
gives them full & equal support as it does to couples
who marry in the state.”
What do you see happening over the next few months?

“We’ll see [gay & lesbian] couples marrying through the
summer & into the fall. This will help show why every
committed couple in the state needs to have the same
opportunity to pledge their commitment & love just like
other couples do.”
What will you being doing this week?

"I will be very busy answering legal questions. And I will
also be busy planning my wedding for October so this is
about as personal as any of this civil rights work can be.
This work is about gay men & lesbians sharing the joy &
love that many of us are lucky enough to find in our lives.”

For a continuation of this interview addressing states
who have a Constitutional Amendment check OUT:
On Top Magazine or if you live outside of the US
check OUT: GenQ our Aussie affiliate to continue
Ms. Pizer’s interview about global gay marriage. :)
We’ll have more interview installments in the upcoming
months... Gay Marriage California Style info....:)
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Governor Deval Patrick's Family Outing :)

Boston's Gay Pride Parade included Governor Patrick & wife with
their daughter who came OUT this week. :) The Parade was Fabulous
& the costumes were outrageous....:) We'll have pixs later on in the
week. All the LGBT orgs were on hand providing community spirit,
info & political activism...... :)
When I left Boston the Block Parties were in full swing. Both Esme
& Fritz's Street Parties were jammed with hot bodies dancing to
techno blasting through Boston.....Happy Pride Boston!!!
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Bay State Stonewall Dems Event

Tonight Bay State Stonewall Dems & special guest Boston City
Council President Maureen Feeney invite you to join them in honoring
Community Activists Holly Ryan, Gunner Scott & Diego Sanchez @
The Union Club, 8 Park St., Boston from 6-8pm. There's so much @
stake for our community in the Presidential election, this is great
opportunity to get involved...... For more info & tixs....
Shawn Hartman, Co-Chair of the Bay State Stonewall Dems
& a delegate for the Dems Convention in Denver said:
"We are honoring Holly Ryan, Gunner Scott & Diego Sanchez
for the outstanding work they have done this year & for the last
several decades. They have done tremendous work advancing
H.1722, the Gender Identity equality bill. While they have been
recognized a lot in the past year, they really are to be commended
for their work before this past year in laying the foundation to be
so successful in their work this year."
View Our Trailer on Gay Marriage

Boston Pride Week Has Begun...:) 6/09

Boston Pride kicked off over a week of events with the raising of the
Rainbow Flag @ City Hall. Boston Pride runs through June 14th. The
2009 Boston Pride theme is "Trans-forming our Community." Boston
Pride Committee believes that this year's theme is an important issue
supporting and advocating for our transgender community.
For More Info: bostonpride.org
Check OUT our audio interview with Keri Aulita, Vice President
of the Board of Directors of The Boston Pride Committee, address
Boston Pride 2009 as we reflect on the the 40th anniversary of
Stonewall, Obama’s national proclamation of June being LGBT
Pride Month, & the future of our LGBT Civil Rights in America
View Our Historic Short Trailer on Gay Marriage

Congress Forms LGBT Equality Caucus...:)

Press Release: In a Capitol Hill press conference, Congresswoman
Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) & Congressman Barney Frank (D-MA) announced
the formation of the House of Representatives LGBT Equality Caucus.
Baldwin introduced the bipartisan caucus & its founding members saying,
“We represent different races, different genders, different sexual orientations,
different geographic regions, different generations & different parties,
but we share a common mission: to promote lesbian, gay, bisexual &
transgender (LGBT) equality.” Congressman Barney Frank, who is co-chairing
the caucus with Baldwin said, “With a Democratic majority in the House,
we now have both the opportunity & the responsibility to move towards
legal equality for people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender.
This caucus will play an important role in helping shape the strategy by
which we do this.”

The mission of the LGBT Equality Caucus is to achieve the extension
of equal rights, the repeal of discriminatory laws, the elimination of
hate-motivated violence, & the improved health and well being for all,
regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.
The Caucus will serve as a resource for Members of Congress, their
staffs & the public on LGBT issues. Congressional action this session
on legislation combating hate crimes & employment discrimination
based highlighted the need, & the desire people had, for more
information on LGBT issues. The LGBT Equality Caucus is one result
of those successful efforts. Updates to come.....

View Our Trailer on Gay Marriage

Dems Fight to the Finish.... :)

Obama has received the magic number of delegates needed.
Hillary has not conceded. This has been an amazing ride & a
very emotional one for many. How Obama will appeal to Hillary's
supporters remains a mystery. With the polls continuing to show
Obama neck to neck with McCain this is a hard position for the
Dems. The only person who can rally her supporters to Obama's
camp is Hillary. I guess we'll just have to see how this plays out....
Updates to come......Can Obama Beat McCain...?
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Gay Marriage Wins in New Hampshire 6/3/09

Just In: GAY MARRIAGE WINS in NH - 198 to 176
The New Hampshire Senate just approved a compromise

gay marriage bill that strengthened the language involving legal
protections for religious institutions & related agencies.The vote
was 14-10 along party lines. The amendment now goes to the House
this afternoon.
GAY MARRIAGE WINS in NH - 198 to 176
CONCORD- Hundreds of people gathered at the Statehouse
today just prior to the legislature taking up HB73 - the last bill in a
series of bills necessary to guarantee religious liberties for all Granite
Staters & the freedom to marry for gay & lesbian couples in New
Updates to Come....

Listen to an audio excerpt with Arline Isaacson, Co-Chair of the
Massachusetts Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus, discuss Religion
& Gay Marriage. To hear the full interview on America's Road to
Gay Marriage @ OUTTAKE VOICES™
View Our Historic Short Trailer on Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage on November Ballot in CA??

California Secretary of State Debra Bowen said a "random" check of
signatures submitted by the measure's sponsors showed that they
had gathered enough names for gay marriage to be put to voters.
Kate Kendell, executive director of the San Francisco-based National
Center for Lesbian Rights, said gay marriage advocates have already
launched a campaign to defeat the measure."There is just so much @
stake, now, in terms of what kind of state we are going to live in &
what values we are going to uphold," Kendell said. We went through
this in Massachusetts for 3 years. Hang in there....:)

CA Supreme Court Refuses To Stay Ruling Until After November
Election. Marriages begin throughout the state on June 17th. :)
There were 10 states & then 9. New Hampshire Attorney General
Kelly Ayotte announced that the state is withdrawing from participating
with the other states. Ayotte didn't elaborate but New Hampshire's
civil union law says the state will recognize a legal civil union or a
gay marriage from another state as a civil union... :)
So now Attorney generals of 9 states were urging the CA Supreme
Court delay finalizing its ruling to legalize gay marriage. The
homophobic states are Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Michigan,
Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota& Utah. The attorney generals
said in court papers filed that they've an interest in the case because
they'd have to determine if their states would recognize the marriage
of gay residents who wed in California. They wanted the court to stay
its ruling until after the November election. California Attorney General
Jerry Brown urged the court not to grant the sta
y saying “The matter
has now been resolved by the State Supreme Court.”
CA Gay Marriage is still slated to begin June 17th.....:)
A new California poll favors gay marriage by a margin of 51% to 42%.
Voters oppose the idea of changing the California State Constitution
to define marriage as between a man & a woman. So with all the
noise about getting an amendment on the CA November ballot to
overturn the CA State Supreme Court Ruling, this poll reinforces
that such a measure would be defeated..... :) Poll Details.....
View Our Trailer on Gay Marriage

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