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Gay Marriage on November Ballot in CA??

By Charlotte Robinson, June 03, 2008
California Secretary of State Debra Bowen said a "random" check of
signatures submitted by the measure's sponsors showed that they
had gathered enough names for gay marriage to be put to voters.
Kate Kendell, executive director of the San Francisco-based National
Center for Lesbian Rights, said gay marriage advocates have already
launched a campaign to defeat the measure."There is just so much @
stake, now, in terms of what kind of state we are going to live in &
what values we are going to uphold," Kendell said. We went through
this in Massachusetts for 3 years. Hang in there....:)

CA Supreme Court Refuses To Stay Ruling Until After November
Election. Marriages begin throughout the state on June 17th. :)
There were 10 states & then 9. New Hampshire Attorney General
Kelly Ayotte announced that the state is withdrawing from participating
with the other states. Ayotte didn't elaborate but New Hampshire's
civil union law says the state will recognize a legal civil union or a
gay marriage from another state as a civil union... :)
So now Attorney generals of 9 states were urging the CA Supreme
Court delay finalizing its ruling to legalize gay marriage. The
homophobic states are Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Michigan,
Nebraska, South Carolina, South Dakota& Utah. The attorney generals
said in court papers filed that they've an interest in the case because
they'd have to determine if their states would recognize the marriage
of gay residents who wed in California. They wanted the court to stay
its ruling until after the November election. California Attorney General
Jerry Brown urged the court not to grant the sta
y saying “The matter
has now been resolved by the State Supreme Court.”
CA Gay Marriage is still slated to begin June 17th.....:)
A new California poll favors gay marriage by a margin of 51% to 42%.
Voters oppose the idea of changing the California State Constitution
to define marriage as between a man & a woman. So with all the
noise about getting an amendment on the CA November ballot to
overturn the CA State Supreme Court Ruling, this poll reinforces
that such a measure would be defeated..... :) Poll Details.....
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Anonymous said...

Hi, Charlotte

On the other side of the Pond from you, we're keeping a close eye on the California same-sex-marriage question. You've been to the blog I write for, I see, and kindly left a comment at the story we carried on the issue, for which many thanks. I hope some of your readers will, too. We have what are known as civil partnerships over here (our supine government caved in to religious sensibilities, of course, and wouldn't allow it to be called marriage, but people call it that, anyway, I'm glad to say). It'll be interesting to see how gay couples fair, and with what trepidation they await the November ballot.

Charlotte Robinson said...

Thank for the comment Andy. I feel it's important for our global LGBT community to support each other's quest for equality. Stay tuned. We have lots of interviews & events we'll be covering over the next few weeks. BTW, I have a soft spot for "the other side of the pond." I have family in London which is my favorite city. :)

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