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Gay Marriage, California Style....:)

By Charlotte Robinson, June 17, 2008
We've heard about Ellen & Portia planning to tie the knot. :)
Well, yesterday the California's Supreme Court ruling went
into effect & gay marriage became the law in another US state!
Thousands of gay couples applied & received marriage licenses.
Recently I had the privilege to interview Jennifer Pizer,
co-counsel in this historic case for our gay marriage
documentary. Here’s an excerpt…..:)

Ms Pizer, what will be happening this week?

“ We will see joy as gay & lesbian couples apply & receive
marriage licenses with the full blessing of the state of
California & we will see couples marrying knowing that
the state to which they pay their taxes & their allegiance
gives them full & equal support as it does to couples
who marry in the state.”
What do you see happening over the next few months?

“We’ll see [gay & lesbian] couples marrying through the
summer & into the fall. This will help show why every
committed couple in the state needs to have the same
opportunity to pledge their commitment & love just like
other couples do.”
What will you being doing this week?

"I will be very busy answering legal questions. And I will
also be busy planning my wedding for October so this is
about as personal as any of this civil rights work can be.
This work is about gay men & lesbians sharing the joy &
love that many of us are lucky enough to find in our lives.”

For a continuation of this interview addressing states
who have a Constitutional Amendment check OUT:
On Top Magazine or if you live outside of the US
check OUT: GenQ our Aussie affiliate to continue
Ms. Pizer’s interview about global gay marriage. :)
We’ll have more interview installments in the upcoming
months... Gay Marriage California Style info....:)
View Our Trailer on Gay Marriage

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Anonymous said...

GLAAD extends heartfelt congratulations & warm wishes to all the couples marrying in California. This is a historic day for our community & for all who seek the fundamental freedom to marry. We see in the media coverage of today’s joyful weddings throughout the state that the California Constitution no longer stands in the way of the loving commitments of gay and lesbian couples.

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