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Dems Fight to the Finish.... :)

By Charlotte Robinson, June 04, 2008
Obama has received the magic number of delegates needed.
Hillary has not conceded. This has been an amazing ride & a
very emotional one for many. How Obama will appeal to Hillary's
supporters remains a mystery. With the polls continuing to show
Obama neck to neck with McCain this is a hard position for the
Dems. The only person who can rally her supporters to Obama's
camp is Hillary. I guess we'll just have to see how this plays out....
Updates to come......Can Obama Beat McCain...?
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Unknown said...

I must ask; why do you delete all the old blog entries that I've posted comments in?

Charlotte Robinson said...

I love your comments Emil :) Please
keep writing them. Yesterday's story just became old news fast...:)

Anonymous said...

By November, I'll still be sick over the whole thing. Watching this race unfold and conclude has been like watching the Prom King walk away with the valedictorian's scholarship.

The Democratic Party risks losing many voters who identify as Independent, like myself, by continually taking for granted that certain demographics will support whatever candidate they provide, no matter how unqualified, inexperienced, or vacuously self-aggrandizing.

Hard line partisanship has put this country into a horrible mess, to the point where a small number of "swing states" - and God bless 'em for their refreshing unpredictability - increasingly determine the November election for all of us.

I am heartsick at the way the media determined this election like the producers of "American Idol," and the blatant sexism - not to mention the double standard in addressing sexism vs. racism - that has plagued it from top to bottom. And I'm already dreading the inevitable public urging I will receive to grab hands with my nearest Obama supporter, buy them a Coke, sing Kumbaya, and pretend we're all one big happy family. Oy vey.

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