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LGBT on Broadcast TV Season 2007-08??

The LGBT presence on the 2007-2008 TV Season continues to decline,
according to this week’s GLAAD analysis. Mainstream TV - ABC, CBS,
NBC, FOX & The CW - from 650 scripted characters only 7 represent
our community who appear on 5 scripted shows & 6 of those are on
ABC. The 7 LGBT regular characters appear on: Brothers & Sisters,
Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty,
The Office & the mid season
series Cashmere Mafia. LGBT TV character pixs

On ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money, Billy Baldwin’s character has an
ongoing relationship with a transgender character. Openly
Gay Producer/Writer Bryan Fuller has a new ABC series
Pushing Daisies
that is fabulous & lives up to all the buzz!!
Also on ABC, Darren Starr’s Cashmere Mafia set for January.

Less for Lesbians. Besides a lesbian role in Cashmere Mafia, NBC’s
The Bionic Woman provides Xena-ish hot catfights. Of course we
have Showtime' s The L-Word in January 2008 to look forward to….

LGBT Global Equinox = Changing Times...:)

There are 2 times a year when the equator lines up equally.....Spring & Fall. In the Northern Hemisphere it becomes the Fall & the Southern Hemisphere bursts into Spring. So as our Aussie partner GenQ enjoys the birth of Spring we watch the brilliant colors of Fall warn us that the Winter is just around the corner... Now let's address this time for equality....The word ‘equinox’ is derived from the Latin word for ‘equal.’ This is an excellent time to make sure that your life reflects fairness & equality.....So, Florida, Arizona & California do the right thing in November..... Pass Gay Marriage. It's wrong to create second-class citizens..... Let's strive to meet people halfway in all of our encounters & you'll be richly rewarded. Seek common ground rather than engaging in conflict & you'll easily accomplish your goals...:)
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Hundreds of Channels, Nothing to Watch....

The new TV season has started. I'm hoping there will be a few gems, though I have my doubts after last year.... When I was a kid we only had a few channels but we had strong appointment viewing.... Now with hundreds of choices we seem to spend the entire evening channel surfing, then settling on violence & wondering why we have to self-medicate to sleep. :)

We're in the New 2008 Savoirflair Magazine

If you're in the New England area pick-up the new issue & read the review of OUTTAKEonline.com on page 13 or just click here for the PinkPages & check it out. :)
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Celebrities Without a Cause Antidote …

What is the Universal appeal of seeing Barbie Dolls explode? TMZ ‘s half hour slot on Fox seems dedicated to the demise of Britney, Paris, Lindsey & the Media Whore of the day. (Their phrase not mine…) Last night I made the mistake of turning on TV @ the Hollywood gossip hour & flipped the channels trying to escape seeing Britney over & over again @ fast food windows. This seems to be the only vice she has left after the court has taken away her kids & have her on random drug testing. Well @ least now we can watch her become a normal weight & perhaps then she will disappear. More antidotes for Celebrities Without a Cause to come....

The Driving Barbies Smoke Screen... :)

The media's fascination or just quick fix ratings continues with the ongoing saga of the imploding Barbies. Britney fights for her kids as she faces hit & run charges from an August incident. With all the DWI's & DUI's that these young women have racked up in the past few years, isn't it time to get them off the road before they kill themselves or some innocent bystander? No wait, that can't happen @ least until November Sweeps.....Haven't Paris, Lindsey & the gang ever heard of a limo service if they have to drink & drive? They certainly have the $$. How we seem to love media frenzies to keep us from dealing with what's really happening in our World....Sadly more to come....

The New American Monopoly Reality Game?

We keep hearing how we’re headed for deeper financial disaster. Our currency is losing its value daily. Today you need a wheel barrel of the stuff to travel to Europe. Yet our denial just seems to get stronger & stronger. Can we wake up in time to head off further debt???
FYI: Gay Marriage Will Bring $$$
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Shame on You Obama.....

Obama opposes Gay Marriage. Jack O'Dell, former Southern Christian Leadership Conference activist & aide to Dr. Martin Luther King states "Dr. King would have fully supported Gay Marriage." Coretta Scott King agreed. Come on Senator Obama, these are basic Civil Rights...This is a great opportunity..... Make Dr. Martin Luther King Proud!!

Mitt Romney Supporting Gay Rights...

Romney's commitment to Gay Rights in
Bay Windows a Boston LGBT Publication
I got this comment that I just had to share..... :) CarolinaGirl 11/05/07 @ 9:37pm Charlotte, you are disgusting. Why shouldn’t gay people have the same rights as everybody else? That is what Mitt Romney believes. It is very simple, no special treatment and no FOUL treatment. Every human being should support that and shame on you if you do not.
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