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LGBT Global Equinox = Changing Times...:)

By Charlotte Robinson, September 22, 2007
There are 2 times a year when the equator lines up equally.....Spring & Fall. In the Northern Hemisphere it becomes the Fall & the Southern Hemisphere bursts into Spring. So as our Aussie partner GenQ enjoys the birth of Spring we watch the brilliant colors of Fall warn us that the Winter is just around the corner... Now let's address this time for equality....The word ‘equinox’ is derived from the Latin word for ‘equal.’ This is an excellent time to make sure that your life reflects fairness & equality.....So, Florida, Arizona & California do the right thing in November..... Pass Gay Marriage. It's wrong to create second-class citizens..... Let's strive to meet people halfway in all of our encounters & you'll be richly rewarded. Seek common ground rather than engaging in conflict & you'll easily accomplish your goals...:)
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