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LGBT on Broadcast TV Season 2007-08??

By Charlotte Robinson, September 24, 2007
The LGBT presence on the 2007-2008 TV Season continues to decline,
according to this week’s GLAAD analysis. Mainstream TV - ABC, CBS,
NBC, FOX & The CW - from 650 scripted characters only 7 represent
our community who appear on 5 scripted shows & 6 of those are on
ABC. The 7 LGBT regular characters appear on: Brothers & Sisters,
Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty,
The Office & the mid season
series Cashmere Mafia. LGBT TV character pixs

On ABC’s Dirty Sexy Money, Billy Baldwin’s character has an
ongoing relationship with a transgender character. Openly
Gay Producer/Writer Bryan Fuller has a new ABC series
Pushing Daisies
that is fabulous & lives up to all the buzz!!
Also on ABC, Darren Starr’s Cashmere Mafia set for January.

Less for Lesbians. Besides a lesbian role in Cashmere Mafia, NBC’s
The Bionic Woman provides Xena-ish hot catfights. Of course we
have Showtime' s The L-Word in January 2008 to look forward to….

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Anonymous said...

well there is always logo
to resort too
i do love
bad girls from the brits

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