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Homophobia in America…..

By Charlotte Robinson, June 17, 2007
Homophobia will be an ongoing issue at OUTTAKEonline until the
hateful language and violence against the LGBT community ends….
Nothing is worse then dealing with an ignorant homophobic
person in your family. Be patient and try to work them through
the process. Share your stories of your trials and errors of dealing
with this person and we’ll print them to help others cope and learn
from your experiences. You are not alone. :)
Playing it straight when you're not, isn't going to cut it anymore.
It's not healthy for you and quite frankly it's not helping the
homophobe. All it's doing is keeping both parties from evolving.
Confrontations are difficult for a lot of people. Everyone reaches
a point when enough is enough and being yourself is the only
solution. It may seem unnerving in the moment but in the long
run, it's the best way! So be proud and strong to be you. :)
And never lose your humor Darlings! ......Blog HP

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