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VICTORY!!! June 14th, 2007

By Charlotte Robinson, June 14, 2007
Gay Marriage Remains the Law in Massachusetts!!!
Bravo my darlings, your noble efforts have paid off! The Con Con
voted down the amendment to the constitution. Gay Marriage
remains the law in Massachusetts....View our Trailer on Gay Marriage
The Amendment to the Constitution Has Been Defeated!!!


Unknown said...

Interesting that you see "same-sex marriage" as the "right-wing's term." We struggled with the right terminology for Courting Equality: A Documentary History of America's First Legal Same-Sex Marriages" (www.courtingequality.com). We didn't want to use "gay marriage' because it seems to imply that a "gay marriage" is different from a "hetero marriage." We just want the right to marry. Fortunately in Massachusetts we've won that right.

Paul R. said...

This is a tour through changes in the UK

A 40-year journey from shame to pride

1967 Sexual Offences Act in England and Wales decriminalises homosexual acts between two men over 21 years and in private. Scotland legalises it in 1980; Northern Ireland in 1982.

1971 First ever gay march in London, finishing with a rally in Trafalgar Square.

1976 Tom Robinson releases 'Glad to be Gay', which reaches No 18 in the singles chart.

1979 First ever gay television series Gay Life commissioned by LWT.

1982 UK's first HIV/Aids charity, the Terrence Higgins Trust launched.

1983 Labour Party candidate Peter Tatchell defeated in Bermondsey by-election after anti-gay campaign by tabloid press and local Liberals.

1984 Chris Smith, the UK's first openly gay MP, comes out while in office.

1988 Section 28, preventing the 'promotion' of homosexuality, introduced as part of the Local Government Act on 24 May.

1992 London hosts the first international Europride festival with a crowd of 100,000.

1994 Age of consent lowered to 18 from 21, despite unsuccessful campaign to lower it to 16, the consensual age for heterosexuals.

1998 Waheed Alli, one of the world's few openly gay Muslims, becomes the youngest and first openly gay life peer in Parliament.

2000 Government lifts ban on lesbian and gay men in the armed forces.

2001 Age of consent lowered to 16.

2003 Section 28 successfully repealed on 18 November.

2005 First civil partnerships take place.

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