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Supporting Our Troops…..

By Charlotte Robinson, August 26, 2007
It’s interesting how the War in Iraq became a main theme for the
Washington politicals as they exited for vacation. Bush ends one
of his biggest denials by finally comparing Iraq to Vietnam....
Then there’s the 15 $million$ ad campaign thrown @ us on the
evening news to impact Congress to continue supporting the War.
Have you seen these spots? They’re called: It’s No Time for Politics...
The most manipulative one has an Iraq war veteran on camera
walking on artificial legs saying…. "if we pull out now, everything
I've given and
the sacrifices will mean nothing…."
FINALLY, Sen. John Warner, R-Va, suggests that some troops leave
Iraq by Christmas & then defends his statement by saying…
"I'm not going to issue
any clarification, I don't think any clarification
is needed."
Bravo Senator Warner!!
I guess Liz Taylor really does have great taste in men!

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