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Gay Marriage 2009.....

By Charlotte Robinson, January 09, 2009
In the United States of America only 2 states OUT of 50 provide equal rights, benefits & protections for their taxpaying citizens, Massachusetts & Connecticut. A few states do have civil unions which provide about 1/3 the benefits of marriage, creating 2nd class citizens. The rest of the country exist in the 21st century dark ages where DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act) has created hardships in 37 states for our LGBT community & 30 states have amended their constitutions in order to legalize discrimination. How can we turn this around??? GET RID OF DOMA!!!  Join the Impact is gathering 1 Million Signatures to Repeal DOMA which will be presented to Obama.For More Info...View Our Short Trailer on Gay Marriage
Listen to LGBT Leaders & Allies @ OUTTAKE VOICES

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John Bisceglia said...

Given the ricin terrorist in Seattle and the post-PROP 8 anger, we should have an interesting 20-30 years of bloodshed as the FEDS sleep through their duty to keep ALL Americans safe from religious tyrannists.

Piecemeal Equality for 30 years - Warren and his minions must be LOVING this. But will our Q-community AND OUR CHILDREN withstand the psychological warfare for decades and decades? Or will those of us who are NOT blessed with the financial luxury of preventing most of the harm from Marriage IN-Equality begin to crack and confront our government with more than petitions, signs, rallies, and marches?

I used to sit on the floor and empower 3-4 year olds how to express themselves artfully, facilitating imagination and exploration, and providing a solid musical foundation which would increase overall musical aptitude.

Now I am disabled from INEQUALITY and trying to NOT think about assassinating those who work tirelessly to harm my family and our DUE family rights. Hyperbole?

Tick-tock...we'll see.......

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