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Gay Marriage is a Conservative Issue

By Charlotte Robinson, January 27, 2010
(AUDIO) There has been a recent surge of conservatives coming out for gay marriage lately. First the NEWSWEEK cover story “The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage”, by Theodore B. Olson then Cindy and Meghan McCain posing for NOH8 campaign. We asked Arline Isaacson, Co-Chair of the Massachusetts Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus who is one of the architects of gay marriage in this country what she thought about this. Isaacson states, “It’s a very interesting phenomenon and I am thrilled they’re doing it and I’m grateful for that and appreciative that they’re doing it. And another part of me says “ ‘It’s about time’ because we have been arguing for years as have conservative gays like Andrew Sullivan that marriage is a very conservative fight for the gay community to be involved in. I use that argument frequently when lobbying our state legislature on the issue of marriage. I say to them, ‘My God do you realize what a conservative thing the gay community is asking for? We are asking you to allow us to participate in the most conservative institution imaginable’ and the quintessential example of the things that people who exult America believe in. And here it was we were asking to be put into an institution where you love, honor, cherish and obey until death do you part. What could be more conservative than that?”

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