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Jackie O Would Have Been 85

By Charlotte Robinson, July 28, 2014
Jackie Kennedy Onassis, one of the most fabulous iconic figures in American & fashion history would have been 85 today. She was born on July 28th 1929 in Southampton, New York. Her classic American style help create what was chic about the 1960’s & evolved from there. Think about the hats, scarfs, sunglasses, hairstyles & more. Jackie O totally left her mark on fashion, style & the world. Actually her fashion letters were recently auctioned off in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination. Jackie wrote personal letters with sketches to Marita O'Connor of Bergdorf Goodman requesting hats, accessories & other garments. She was something. When I lived in NYC in the 1980’s she lived around the corner from me. I saw her many times. Once I walked into my neighborhood Gristedes Market on the corner of Madison & E85th & I heard from behind the deli counter, “Has the Onassis order gone out yet.” It was wild! I’m disappointed that I never got to chat with her. During that time in NYC just her celebrity siting was at least 100 points up there next to Greta Garbo! I’m sure Jackie would have been a fierce LGBT ally. My favorite Jackie Kennedy Onassis quote is, “Even though people may be well known, they hold in their hearts the emotions of a simple person for the moments that are the most important of those we know on earth: birth, marriage & death.”
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