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Officials Call For LGBTQ Equality

By Charlotte Robinson, December 12, 2018
Over 150 openly LGBTQ elected officials & newly elected officials from across the nation are calling on the incoming U.S. Congress to act on four key initiatives related to LGBTQ equality. The letter was drafted after a closed-door convening of LGBTQ elected officials at LGBTQ Victory Institute’s International LGBTQ Leaders Conference last week. The conference is the largest convening of LGBTQ elected officials in the world – with more than 140 elected officials from 26 countries, as well as 400 other advocates & leaders. Mayor Annise Parker, President & CEO of LGBTQ Victory Institute stated, “LGBTQ political power is growing thanks to the rainbow wave of LGBTQ people who won elected office in November & this letter is the first sign of us wielding that new power. The current U.S. Congress failed to advance equality policies & legislation that most Americans support: non-discrimination protections, addressing the HIV/AIDS crisis, protecting trans people from abusive policies & being a moral voice on the global stage. The next Congress can remedy these wrongs & LGBTQ elected officials are determined to add their voice & energize their constituents around these important measures. The officials who attended our conference & signed this letter won elected office because voters demanded authentic, values-driven leadership. That is what they are delivering on & we hope the new Congress delivers as well.” The letter calls on Congress to: pass The Equality Act to expand non-discrimination protections based on sexual orientation & gender identity; reduce HIV/AIDS by forming an advisory commission, advocating a “Getting to Zero” goal & taking proactive measures to address disparities in communities of color; protect trans people from anti-trans Trump administration policies & other measures & improve LGBTQ rights globally by supporting asylum claims & ensuring LGBTQ rights is a cornerstone of U.S. foreign policy.
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