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I'm From Driftwood Gala Event

By Charlotte Robinson, February 25, 2019
I'm From Driftwood is celebrating its tenth year in August & kicking off the celebration they will be hosting a 10-year anniversary gala at Green Room 42 in Hell's Kitchen in New York City on Wednesday, March 27th from 6P to 9:30P. The event will honor notable I'm From Driftwood storytellers including former Houston Mayor & current Victory Fund President & CEO Annise Parker, who was the first openly LGBTQ mayor of a major American city. Also being honored will be songwriter & pianist, David Raleigh & revered LGBTQ & AIDS activist, Cecilia Gentili. The evening's festivities will include dinner, stories from the I'm From Driftwood archive & feature a performance directed by artist & activist Mila Jam. Nathan Manske Founder & Executive Director stated, “We have spent the last decade producing, curating & publishing first-person stories of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender & queer people of all backgrounds. As you know, the topics of the stories reflect the entire spectrum of the queer experience - from love, coming of age & parenting, to race, homeless youth & gender nonconformity.” I'm From Driftwood launched in March of 2009 when federal hate crimes legislation didn’t exist, 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' was still in effect & federal marriage protections were nearly a decade away. The world has changed dramatically since then & they’ve been collecting stories on our LGBTQ community's journey every step of the way. Since launching, I'm From Driftwood has published 576 Video Stories that have received over 17 million YouTube views.
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