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Criminalizing Healthcare Across America

By Charlotte Robinson, February 11, 2024

We're barely into the New Year & a new slate of hatred has already been introduced in states across the USA with a terrifying 300 Anti-LGBTQ Bills introduced in 2024. Multiple states have passed bans on abortion & transgender health care & Texas continues to intimidate or otherwise punish physicians or facilities in other states who provide such essential care to their residents. However eleven states including Massachusetts, Connecticut & the District of Columbia have passed health care shield laws to protect providers & patients & ensure their states remain desirable places to practice medicine. In Rhode Island last week legislators introduced the “Health Care Provider Shield Act,” (SB2262/HB7577) to protect Rhode Island’s health care system, doctors & other medical care providers & patients from hostile out-of-state laws that could negatively impact delivery of care in the Ocean State. Sponsored by Senator Dawn Euer & Representative John G. Edward the Health Care Provider Shield Act will ensure that Rhode Island health care providers aren’t penalized under the laws of other states that have banned access to established, standard-of-care reproductive & transgender health care & that patients can continue to receive quality, legal, essential medical care in Rhode Island. Senate Judiciary Chair Euer stated, “The Health Care Provider Shield Act is about protecting established, best-practice medical care that is legal in Rhode Island & ensuring that our local providers & our health care infrastructure aren’t negatively impacted by hostile laws in other states. Politicians in multiple U.S. states are engaging in alarming government overreach, banning access to essential medical care & instituting civil & criminal penalties on providers for practicing medicine in line with the professional standards of care. This bill will ensure that these out-of-state laws aren’t used against health care providers in Rhode Island.” 

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