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GLSEN Calls For Action Day of Silence

By Charlotte Robinson, April 05, 2024

GLSEN the fabulous national org that champions safe & affirming schools for our LGBTQ youth announced its plans to reinvent its nationally recognized Day of Silence initiative. With more than 470 anti-LGBTQ bills already introduced in state legislatures nationwide this year GLSEN is calling on supporters to speak out & take action during the Day of (No) Silence. Instead of continuing with a silent protest LGBTQ youth, educators & allies are encouraged to make their voices heard by Rising Up & Taking Action next Friday April 12th. Melanie Willingham-Jaggers GLSEN Executive Director stated, “Education is the cornerstone of our democracy, yet it's under attack by those with the loudest voices pushing hateful agendas, using trans & queer students as pawns. From bathroom bans to book bans, the attacks on our education system are relentless & widespread. It's on us, as adults, to rise up for every child's right to a safe & inclusive education. That's why this year, we refuse to remain silent. We're rising together, using our collective voices to fight back against these injustices. While some students are silenced by censorship laws or unsafe school environments, if you can, I urge you to join us. Speak up, vote, use your platform & support GLSEN programs. Together, let's build a future where every student can thrive.” The Day of Silence was introduced in 1996 urging peers to go through the school day without speaking. GLSEN is encouraging participants this year to vocalize the need for a strong bench of legislators who vow to support & protect our LGBTQ community. 

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