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Reflection on Our Freedom to Marry... :)

By Charlotte Robinson, February 14, 2008
New York came one step closer to gay marriage this month by @ least recognizing legal gay marriages from other countries such as neighboring Canada & the one state in America, Massachusetts, according to Cathy Marino-Thomas, Executive Director of Marriage Equality New York. Keep up the good work & don't settle for anything less then marriage for as the public is becoming increasingly aware of civil unions provide only about 1/3 the benefits of marriage.. :)
We have made great strides so far in 2008 for Marriage Equality. A couple more states are now recognizing civil unions & domestic partnerships. Congrats to all the couples who tied the knot!! Marriage is a basic civil right that should be provided for all the people. Not just some of the people. I live in Massachusetts where Gay Marriage is the Law. It's well worth our LGBT Community's time & effort to make gay marriage a reality for all Americans... :)

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shrink on the couch said...

Civil Unions ... only provide about 1/3 of the benefits of marriage.

I did not realize this. I had assumed civil unions provide ALL the benefits of marriage. Thanks for educating and advocating.

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