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Gay Marriage Isn't The End of the World

By Charlotte Robinson, April 11, 2008
Update: California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger says that if an initiative to ban gay marriage qualifies for the November ballot, he's prepared to fight it. California's governor spoke Friday in San Diego @ the convention of the Log Cabin Republicans, the nation's largest gay Republican group. He has previously vetoed bills that would have legalized gay marriage. A Schwarzenegger spokeswoman did not say what prompted the governor to shift his position. Schwarzenegger said he was confident a ban would never pass in California & called the effort "a waste of time." So tell me, Do you think Maria & his Hollywood pals finally gotto him?? :) 
 Thanks Equality California!! For More Info...
Gay Marriage will not cause the World to End. Gay Marriage just provides the same equal rights, benefits & protections for the families of our LGBT community as heterosexuals have... If you really want to address the end of the world, check-OUT this story that recently appeared in the New York Times ....:) For More Info About Gay Marriage View Our Trailer

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