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Pope Descends on USA. What's His Mission?

By Charlotte Robinson, April 16, 2008
Tuesday the Pope descended on our country with his anti-choice & anti-gay agenda. He'll be entertained & greeted by American leaders, Catholic elite & parishioners in Washington & New York. Of course Boston was excluded from his itinerary. Perhaps this is because we had a nasty sex scandal with the Catholic Church. Or could it be the fact that Massachusetts is the only state in this country where gay marriage is the law?.....:)
In the name of religion, he will sermonize his disapproval of a woman's right to choose, birth control & stem cell research.....
Then there is his continual attack on our LGBT community. All we want are the same equal rights & protections for our families that heterosexual citizens have. It's sad to think that the Pope believes that we deserve less. For more info for our
LGBT Catholic Community.... Updates to come....
Washington Blade: Pope Waves to Gay Catholic Group
View Our Trailer on Gay Marriage

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Mychals Prayer said...

When the Pope visits Ground Zero, he will be greeted by a protest vigil honoring the late FDNY chaplain, Father Mychal Judge, the first official casualty of the 9/11 attacks.

Mychal was considered a living saint by many even prior to his heroic death. His extraordinary works of compassion have been compared to Mother Teresa (see http://SaintMychalJudge.blogspot.com )

But ironically, Fr. Mychal Judge would be barred from the priesthood today because he was openly gay, though celibate. He often asked, “Is there so much love in the world that we can afford to discriminate against any kind of love ?!”

We have no illusions that this pope is going to change. Rather, we are bearing witness to two truths -- that God created and loves gay people, and that the pope does not speak for the whole Church, the Ecclesia, on these matters.

Indeed, two-thirds of U.S. Catholics-in-the-pews reject the pope’s views and support either civil unions or full marriage rights, according to numerous surveys.

As Fr. Mychal also said, "Don't let the (institutional) church get in the way of your relationship with God."

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