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Gay or Straight, Equality Under God....

By Charlotte Robinson, December 23, 2008
As we head into the Holidays it's time to address the true spirit of the season. Check-OUT our interview on Religion & our LGBT community in an exclusive audio-interview with Scott Pomfret, author of "Since My Last Confession" @ OUTTAKE VOICES™....
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Anonymous said...

The inauguration of a new President is a day when Americans should be brought together, to signal a new beginning for our country.
It is therefore deeply troubling that the President-elect has selected someone whose defamatory and damaging anti-gay statements and views, including linking marriage for committed same-sex couples to incest and pedophilia, clearly divide rather than unite Americans, Media outlets have a responsibility to scrutinize Rick Warren's history of using his powerful platform to advance anti-gay rhetoric and prevent loving couples from being able to take care of and be responsible for one another.

Neil Giuliano is President of GLAAD

Anonymous said...

It is extremely disappointing and hurtful that President-elect Obama has chosen California Rev. Rick Warren, who actively supported Prop 8 and the elimination of existing civil rights for LGBT Californians, to give the invocation at his inauguration.

Accordingly, I have decided to decline the invitation to attend the inauguration as I cannot be part of a celebration that highlights and gives voice to someone who advocated repealing rights from me and millions of other Californians.

I was looking forward to hearing a speech by the new President about his vision of a new America and an end to the politics of division where one group is pitted against another.

Rick Warren does not share that vision. Far from it. Instead, he actively works to divide Americans based on who we are and has been an ardent supporter of efforts to ostracize LGBT Americans. He compared "gay marriage to incest, pedophilia and polygamy and repeated the inaccurate charge that without Prop 8, conservative preachers could be prosecuted for hate crimes. He described 'social gospel' Christians of the 20th century as closet Marxists."

It would be impossible for me to attend the inauguration where a person who has worked to deny my and Equality California members' equality is setting the tone.

Geoff Kors is Executive Director
of Equality California

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