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Freedom to Marry Week 2009...

By Charlotte Robinson, February 13, 2009
This is a great week for celebration if you're a gay American
living in Massachusetts or Connecticut where thanks to the
brilliant work of GLAD, gay marriage is legal. It's a hard time
for our LGBT community living in California where 18,000
gay marriage are in jeopardy or the 30 states that have amended
their constitutions against our Freedom to Marry. Check OUT
this must-see video@ OUTTAKE VOICES....
Next month arguments will be heard against the legality of
Prop 8 before the California Supreme Court. EQCA.org...
Whatever the OUTcome, we'll keep working towards equality
for all the people, not just some of the people. For More Info...
View Our Short Trailer on Gay Marriage

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Anonymous said...

As you know, the forces of intolerance are doing everything in their power to ensure that the freedom to marry for all Californians is permanently denied to gay couples. If they win, they have plans to try and take away the other rights Equality California and you have worked so hard to obtain: safe schools protections, domestic partner benefits and so much more.

They have threatened the justices of the California Supreme Court with a recall if the Court invalidates Prop 8. They've threatened supporters and donors to Equality California while at the same time asking a federal judge to allow their donors (and only their donors) to avoid the legal requirements of disclosing contributions to the Yes on 8 side.

And they are even seeking to overturn the marriages of the 18,000 couples who were married before the election in an attempt to hide their true motivation—permanently denying us the freedom to marry and establishing a precedent for taking away a minority group's rights at the ballot box. We cannot allow them to win.

We are determined to defeat these hate-mongers and we need your help now.

EQCA is co-sponsoring a rally on Monday, February 16 in Sacramento to show the country our determination to win back our rights. EQCA is organizing a lobby day in Sacramento on Tuesday, February 17 to connect Californians who believe in equality with their legislators and to ensure that our legislators pass resolutions making it the official state policy that Prop 8 be overturned.

If you support our efforts, please make a donation. There is little time, and right now is the best opportunity to win marriage back quickly, without the need to spend tens of millions of dollars on another ballot measure.

Please join us in our effort to ensure everyone has the freedom to marry and that the rights of everyone are protected.

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