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The Gay Boston Tea Party '09...:)

By Charlotte Robinson, April 16, 2009
UPDATE: The fabulous LGBTQ organization Join the Impact recreated the Boston Tea Party. Only this time it was for Equal Taxes! Equal Rights! Our LGBTQ community pays the same taxes that hetero families pay but are denied the same federal rights, benefits & protections for their loved ones. Listen to Event Audio:
Arline Isaacson, Co-Chair of the Massachusetts Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus, eloquently stated to OUTTAKE VOICES™ Charlotte Robinson exactly what we all feel about the inequalities our LGBT community continue to endure in this country...
Join the Impact Throwing
Tax Forms into Boston Harbor...
For More Info: jointheimpact
Check OUT LGBT leaders & celebrity allies audio interviews:

View Our Short Trailer on Gay Marriage

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Anthony Goodson said...

Thank you for covering this event. In looking for information about the Tea Party I found this very weird channel on YouTube. I can't tell if it's serious or not, I'll let the readers decide.

Here is an excerpt from their news release:

We are "Golfers For Liberty", a loosely-organised ad-hoc group planning to participate in a Tax Day Tee Party counter-protest ,counter-protest. We represent a disgruntled radical faction of "Join The Impact Massachusetts". While we are in solidarity with their general goals -- in particular the need to protest the unequal tax treatment of same-sex married couples -- we are also committed to promoting the cause of rational objectivism.

Our counter-demonstrations will be taking place throughout the Boston Metro area, in informal individual protests. However, we have appointed Randy Reaver as our unofficial spokesperson. Says Randy, "We felt that there was just too great an emphasis on conformity within the group, and we just needed to express our individuality. While "Join The Impact Massachusetts" encouraged us to wear colonial costumes for this event, we felt the need to come out with a fresh new look for Spring. You will see everything from green blazers, golf gloves, visors, and outrageously over-sized tams, to Argyle sweater-vests with Izod shirts. Look for knickers, pleated khaki trousers, and medium-length shorts with saddle shoes to round out the ensembles."

you can find out more here:


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