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"Chica Busca Chica" Spain's "L Word"

By Charlotte Robinson, June 19, 2009
"Chica Busca Chica" isn't a movie but four television episodes
strung together. The title means "woman seeking woman", as
these chic chicas in Madrid look for love, usually in the wrong
places. The women are quite pretty, but the show itself is hardly
the Spanish equivalent to The L Word beyond a show with a
several lesbians, a possible bisexual, & a self-declared newbie who
happily & naively decides it's time to experience sapphic love.
There are a few chuckles, but I suspect that the show which can be
seen online with or without English subtitles, works better seen
in weekly segment. Writer-director Sonia Sebastian has also
made a couple of short films.
Listen to an excerpt of our Audio Interview w/ Gabrielle Hanna,
Executive Director of the P-Town International Film Festival.
To Hear the full interview: OUTTAKE VOICES™

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