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Emerson College 2011 Most Gay Friendly

By Charlotte Robinson, August 03, 2010
BOSTON: The 2011 Princeton Review named Emerson College
the most gay-friendly school in the country. The Review polls
students yearly on a variety of issues from professors to food
to financial aid. This year over 100,000 students across the
country took part in the survey.
Founded in 1880, Emerson is the only institution of higher
learning in America that only specializes in communications arts,
offering majors such as journalism, acting & speech therapy.
It has over 3,000 students on its campus in downtown Boston &
has built a satellite campus in Hollywood. Graduates include Max
Muchnick, the openly gay creator & executive producer of
"Will & Grace", whose grant built a college campus center &
many more…:) For More Info: emerson.edu
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activist Sandro Isaack
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