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Gay Adoptive Families Strive in America

By Charlotte Robinson, August 02, 2010
A new study found that children adopted by gay or lesbian
couples develop as well as those adopted by hetero couples.
It also found that whether or not children were developing
in positive ways was unrelated to the sexual orientation of
their adoptive parents. “With thousands of children in need
of permanent homes in the United States alone, our findings
suggest that outreach to lesbian & gay prospective adoptive
parents might benefit children who are in need,” Psychology
Professor Charlotte J. Patterson stated. Same-gender adoptions
are legal in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa,
Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York & Vermont. These finding
appear in the August issue of "Applied Developmental Science."
Exclusive Audio Interview with gay adoption
activist Sandro Isaack
about his latest children's
book “Stork, M.I.A.” (missing in
action) appearing
in Provincetown MA for "Family Week" thru 8/7


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