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Not So Gay Independence Day

By Charlotte Robinson, July 04, 2014

As we celebrate Independence Day 2014 let’s reflect on how far our LGBT community has advanced & yet how much further we need to go. We've made great progress on the marriage equality front with 19 states & Washington DC passing gay & lesbian marriage but we still have 31 states to go. In those states discrimination still exists for our LGBT families who still have to endure indignity & hardship. In the last year since the Supreme Court decision that found Section 3 of DOMA & Prop 8 unconstitutional courts have ruled in favor of the freedom to marry for gay & lesbian couples again & again. Unfortunately in Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Michigan, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah & Wisconsin where federal court have ruled for marriage equality our opponents have placed appeals preventing gay & lesbian couples from marrying. Then of course we wait for Congress to pass the Employer Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) to ensure all workers are protected from discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. We need to give LGBT workers a fair shot to get ahead in life by making sure employers cannot fire, harass, deny a raise, or refuse to hire someone based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Only 21 states have made it illegal to fire or harass someone based on sexual orientation or to deny a raise or refuse to hire on that same basis. So on Independence Day 2014 our LGBT community still remains to be the last Americans trying to achieve equality in our own country. HAPPY JULY 4TH!!
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Marilyn said...

Grateful for the progress, but waiting for the same inalienable rights.......

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