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Comcast Exploits LGBT Pride

By Charlotte Robinson, June 06, 2015
Comcast is once again exploiting our LGBT Pride Month by featuring a special collection of films available on Xfinity On Demand for sale or rent in their Pride Collection. Most of the films are over priced for example the 5 year old 2010 award winning film Beginners which stars Christopher Plummer & Ewan McGregor is $9.99 twice the going price of their mainstream on demand movies. Javier Garcia, Vice President, Multicultural Services, Comcast Cable stated, “In continuing our commitment to independent programming, we are excited to honor Pride Month with a curated collection of indie films with LGBT themes. Comcast is proud to offer an expansive library of programming for the LGBT community & these new titles will give our Xfinity TV customers even more LGBT entertainment choices & showcase the diversity of the LGBT community.” The Comcast deal made with Frameline was just to make a buck off our LGBT community during LGBT Pride month. If these companies were really interested in LGBT Pride or at the very least helping to educate & further our LGBT equality they would be offering this collection for free. Instead they are just taking this opportunity to just line their own pockets. There is some salvation in all this from the Here TV however which is offering free access to award-winning LGBT content from their premium LGBT cable network. Shame on you Comcast for your delusions of honoring LGBT Pride.
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