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Alabama Lesbian Supreme Win

By Charlotte Robinson, March 07, 2016
The United States Supreme Court reversed an Alabama Supreme Court decision refusing to recognize a lesbian mother’s prior adoption of her three children in Georgia. This summary reversal restores V.L. full rights as an adoptive parent. The adoptive mother, V. L. stated, “I am overjoyed that the U.S. Supreme Court reversed the Alabama court decision. I have been my children’s mother in every way for their whole lives. I thought that adopting them meant that we would be able to be together always. When the Alabama court said my adoption was invalid & I wasn’t their mother, I didn’t think I could go on. The Supreme Court has done what’s right for my family.” Cathy Sakimura National Center for Lesbian Rights Family Law Director who is representing V.L. added, “The Supreme Court’s reversal of Alabama’s unprecedented decision to void an adoption from another state is a victory not only for our client but for thousands of adopted families. No adoptive parent or child should have to face the uncertainty & loss of being separated years after their adoption just because another state’s court disagrees with the law that was applied in their adoption.” In addition to the National Center for Lesbian Rights, V.L is represented by Adam Unikowsky & Paul Smith of Jenner & Block & Alabama attorneys Heather Fann of Boyd, Fernambucq, Dunn & Fann, P.C. & Traci Vella of Vella & King, Attorneys at Law.
For More Info: nclrights.org
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