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God Save America

By Charlotte Robinson, August 16, 2017
It has come to this. The president of the United States has scolded U.S citizens for fighting against Nazis. Unfortunately this is just the beginning of the new civil war in this country. Since this administration has taken office hate groups in the USA have increased by 52%. With Trump continuing to defend hate groups responsible for the violent clashes that occurred in Charlottesville, Virginia last weekend Vanita Gupta, President & CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil & Human Rights stated, “President Trump has forfeited any claim to the moral leadership a president must command. His facts are wrong, his moral compass is missing & his continued refusal to recognize & call out evil & hate is a disgrace to our nation. Now the rest of us must uphold America's ideals of fairness, justice & inclusion, because Donald Trump has proven he will not. Those who do not clearly, firmly & unequivocally choose to side against hatred, racial bigotry & intolerance are complicit.” Congresswoman Gwen Moore (WI-04) concluded, “As we once again hear Donald Trump defend those responsible for the deadly riot in Charlottesville & receive praise by hate groups like the KKK & neo-Nazis, the time has come for Republicans & Democrats to put aside our political differences & philosophical debates for a higher cause. For the sake of the soul of our country, we must come together to restore our national dignity that has been robbed by Donald Trump’s presence in the White House. My Republican friends, I implore you to work with us within our capacity as elected officials to remove this man as our commander-in-chief & help us move forward from this dark period in our nation’s history.” Trump’s attempt to divide & conquer has clearly just begun. (Image Credit Adam Maida)
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