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War On Transgender Troops

By Charlotte Robinson, August 26, 2017
Instead of declaring war on white supremacists & neo-Nazis Trump has decided to go forward with his attack on our transgender community serving in the military. In doing so he’s breaking faith with top generals & admirals by issuing guidance to the Department of Defense which would effectively purge anyone found to be transgender from the armed services. We currently have 15,000 transgender troops serving this country & abroad. This policy would purge all of our transgender troops over the coming months & years denying them reenlistment, threatening to cut off their healthcare & implementing a permanent ban on recruiting transgender troops that was set to expire later this year. Matt Thorn OutServe-SLDN Executive Director stated, "The President’s order to remove transgender service members from the United States armed forces & deny them healthcare is nothing less than a purge. He is implementing this purge based on bigotry, motivated by agents of an ideology that has no concern for the national defense, & in blatant disregard of the experience of career officers who spent more than a year developing & implementing the current policy… We condemn the actions of the White House in initiating this purge. We condemn the disregard that the President has shown to transgender men & women who wear the uniform. We condemn the intent of any person who would make it the mission of United States military to discriminate against the very citizens they are charged to defend. And we condemn the indifference of any elected official who does not now stand up for both military personnel & the LGBT community by opposing this purge. OutServe-SLDN along with Lambda Legal will swiftly be filing a lawsuit in federal court to challenge this action."
For More Info: outserve-sldn.org
LISTEN: OutServe-SLDN Talks Transgender Military Ban

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