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Movie 'Ham: A Musical Memoir' (AUDIO)

By Charlotte Robinson, December 14, 2020

This week I talked with Sam Harris about his new must-see film “Ham: A Musical Memoir” based on the Tony Award nominee & multi-platinum recording artist’s critically acclaimed book. The Global Digital Releasing film is currently available on Laemmle’s virtual platform before heading to BroadwayHD where it will begin streaming exclusively January 7th, 2021. “Ham: A Musical Memoir” is produced by Suzi Dietz, directed for the screen by Andrew Putschoegl, directed for the stage by Ken Sawyer & features musical director/co-composer Todd Schroeder. The original stage production in which Harris plays twelve different characters was developed & directed by Tony & Emmy-Award winning actor Billy Porter. “Ham” ran in New York & Los Angeles & was filmed at The Pasadena Playhouse. The play received Ovation Awards for Best Musical, Best Actor & Best Musical Director. “Ham: A Musical Memoir” is the comic & poignant true story of Sam Harris’s life growing up gay in Oklahoma’s Bible Belt during the 60s & 70s as a sensitive & prodigiously talented kid who dreams of playing Helen Keller at age 5, wishes he was Jewish at 10, finds his voice in the black church at 15 & falls in love with a boy who looks just like Cary Grant which led to depression & a suicide attempt. Sam then fled to Los Angeles where he sang at every dive in town until finally ending up on a new TV show called “Star Search” winning the hearts of America which led to opportunities on Broadway, television, albums & Carnegie Hall. I talked to Harris about what he hopes to accomplish with “Ham: A Musical Memoir” & his spin on our LGBTQ issues. LISTEN  

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