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LGBTQ Centers Stand Up For Equality

By Charlotte Robinson, May 12, 2023

With a record 470 anti-LGBTQ bills on state dockets & 362 of them specifically attacking our transgender community LGBTQ people are literally fighting for their lives. For years anti-LGBTQ bills have been on the ballot in statehouses around the country but so far in 2023 the legislation we’ve seen both in volume & appalling measures have reached a fever pitch. Over 220 LGBTQ Centers have united to take a stand against this epidemic of hate & discrimination. CenterLink & its extensive network of member centers are stepping up to create a powerful united front to push back against the wave of hateful legislation targeting our LGBTQ community stating, “We, the undersigned centers, denounce the tidal wave of anti-LGBTQ legislation that lawmakers are hurling at our community. We continue to stand united as safe havens for LGBTQ people & as pillars against hate & discrimination. We will not relent until these attacks stop and LGBTQ people are treated fairly & equally under the law.” These bills are enforcing discriminatory bathroom bans, censoring drag shows or even make them illegal, keeping transgender students from participating in sporting activities at school, forcing teachers to out students, eliminating school curriculum around LGBTQ & racial issues, attempting to allow states to put restrictions on marriage equality, erasing LGBTQ people from schools & public life & preventing transgender youth from accessing gender-affirming care or even force them to detransition. Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, South Dakota, Utah, Iowa, Indiana & Georgia have already passed laws denying transgender youth the medically necessary care they need & other states are likely to follow. Stand up now & join the movement against these horrendous bills. 

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