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NiK Kacy Presents Queer Prom Event

By Charlotte Robinson, May 23, 2023

Queer activist, designer, entrepreneur & event producer NiK Kacy is presenting “Queer Prom Behind the Velvet Rope!” an exclusive Studio 54 themed fundraiser party for Equality Fashion Week on June 1st at Sunset at EDITION in West Hollywood, CA from 8P to Midnight in partnership with The West Hollywood EDITION. NiK Kacy stated, “The era of Studio 54 celebrated creativity & individuality. This year’s Queer Prom will honor those before us & celebrate our generations perpetuating this mission.” Coming out as a trans masculine, gender non-binary queer human in their adult life NiK Kacy dreamt of finally attending prom as their authentic self & wanted others to be able to do the same. Prom is a signature high school experience & a staple in American culture. A traditional rite of passage it was a dream Kacy had for years because they never felt safe to attend prom as a young student. Queer Prom is an annual fundraising event for Equality Fashion Week (EFW) during Pride Month that creates a nostalgic themed inclusive adult prom experience infusing love & healing into our LGBTQ community. Seeking to recreate the experience of prom for queer folks to re-envision growing up more authentically NiK hopes the event will be a joyful reclaiming of what may have been painful memories for many queer youths. The soirée will be hosted by LGBTQ influencer Amber's Closet, Laith Ashley Trans model & musician & Trans model, comedian & actress Arisce Wanzer. Additionally the evening will feature special performances by Dragula & RuPaul's Drag Race star, Drag King Landon Cider, LGBTQ activist & singer from Istanbul Iliana Georgi, DJs Daisy O’ Dell, Mike Taylor & more. Tickets run from $15 to $85. 

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