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New Film august at twenty-two (AUDIO)

By Charlotte Robinson, July 26, 2023

Lady Parts Productions presents “august at twenty-two” an extraordinary 84-minute gem of a film that’s helmed in front & behind the camera by a team of queer female & nonbinary storytellers in their early twenties that’s now available to rent & buy on all TVOD/Digital platforms across North America by Gravitas Ventures. The feature film is the directorial debut for Latina director Sophia Castuera & stars Ali Edwards who plays Cal an actress floundering after college & is shocked to discover that her childhood soulmate has a serious girlfriend Em (Lilli Kay) who Cal unexpectedly falls in love with. As Cal gets swept up in her new social life she begins neglecting her best friend Bobby who is becoming increasingly concerned about her rapidly changing focus. As Bobby & Cal's friendship disintegrates so does Cal's sense of self. Meanwhile her relationship with Em develops in unexpected & incendiary ways. The film addresses multiple coming of age stages then coming out the other side feeling the glow of self-realization & newfound confidence which this film embraces. “august at twenty-two” is also written by Ali Edwards, produced by Mary Elizabeth Monda with director of photography Melina Valdez & edited by Amir Mosallaie. Lady Parts Productions was founded by Ali Edwards, Mary Elizabeth Monda & Sophia Castuera who are three fierce advocates for creating positive social change through their work that explores the queer & female perspectives. I talked to director Sophia Castuera & writer/actress Ali Edwards at the Provincetown International Film Festival about the inspiration behind “august at twenty-two” & their spin on our LGBTQ issues. LISTEN  

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