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Black LGBTQ Leaders & National Survey

By Charlotte Robinson, June 19, 2024

As we celebrate Juneteenth a new survey found that nearly 2/3 of Black people believe the Black community should do more to protect Black LGBTQ people especially young people. 65% of Black people consider themselves supporters of Black LGBTQ people & rights including 57% of self-reported churchgoers & 73% of Gen-Z agree that the Black community should do more to support our Black LGBTQ community. Imani Rupert-Gordon, Executive Director of the National Center for Lesbian Rights stated, “NCLR is honored to have participated in this survey by the National Black Justice Collective & HIT Strategies. Too often, the data that we use to understand the needs of LGBTQ communities doesn’t include enough Black perspectives & so the solutions don’t always work for Black people. This research highlights important perceptions & perspectives that will allow our messaging strategies & analysis to include a thoughtful, inclusive & intersectional approach to ensure that we are doing everything we can to protect all LGBTQ+ people.” Kierra Johnson, Executive Director of the National LGBTQ Task Force concluded, “It is exciting to be a part of a project that is centering the experiences of Black people related to gender, sexual orientation & democracy. Movements, decision-makers & organizations spend a lot of time assuming & or ignoring the experiences, perspectives, wishes, & fears of Black people in this country. This has led to the perpetuation of dangerous stereotypes that have cost our country time, money & progress. I hope those who take the time to dive into the research are inspired by the vulnerability shared and the opportunity that flows from listening to, trusting & being responsive to the political & cultural needs of Black folks.” 

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