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Celebrate Pride With Pride Flag Bobble

By Charlotte Robinson, June 01, 2024

Kicking off Pride Month the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame & Museum unveiled a limited-edition Pride Flag Bobble. Phil Sklar National Bobblehead Hall of Fame & Museum Co-Founder & CEO stated, "In celebration of Pride Month, we are honored to create the first-ever bobble of the Pride Flag. The rainbow flag has been a symbol of Pride worldwide for nearly 50 years & we are confident this bobble will be a must-have for people in the LGBTQ community & everyone who supports them.” The bobble is of the Progress Pride Flag which was introduced in 2018 features the common red (life), orange (healing), yellow (sunlight), green (nature), blue (serenity) & violet (spirit) horizontal stripes. Evolving from the Philadelphia Pride Flag the redesigned Progress Flag added a chevron along the hoist that features black, brown, light blue, pink & white stripes. White, pink & light blue were added to represent the trans community. While the black & brown stripes still represented communities of color, the black stripe is also a nod to the individuals that the community lost during the HIV/AIDS crisis in the 1980s & 1990s. Daniel Quasar, who designed this version of the pride flag stated, “The arrow points to the right to show forward movement, while being along the left edge shows that progress still needs to be made.” The original rainbow flag was designed by Gilbert Baker who passed away in 2017 had eight colors. The next year the design was changed to use six colors partly to make it easier to mass produce the flags. The various colors came to reflect both the immense diversity & the unity of our LGBTQ community. 

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