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Spin-Off for L-Word After Season 6 :)

By Charlotte Robinson, July 09, 2008
The official word on the Lword is that it will end after season 6 next
year. However a spin-off is in the works. Read More in GenQ...:)
Nothing currently compares to the hot effective way the Lword took
on their mission to bring our Lesbian community to life for the
world's viewing pleasure.... :) It will be interesting to see what they
come up with...:) FYI, There was a million $ anonymous donation
to the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation for Breast Cancer in honor
of the Lword's 2 actresses Erin Daniels & Leisha Hailey for the
storyline they did addressing the issue.....Thanks whoever you are! :)
For more info.....theLwordonline Updates to come.....
FYI, Elizabeth Keener, the actress who played villainous SheBar
co-owner Dawn Denbo, you know the real bitch, in the 5th season
of the L word, will star as a lesbian FBI agent in a hour long drama
series being developed @ the gay network here! Have you seen her
in deli meat TV ads playing it straight? Guess a girl has to do what
a girl needs to do for $$$$......:)
So the finale of season 5 left with the cast in turmoil & betrayal.
It will be interesting to see how they work-OUT their dilemmas
without becoming a cliché for dysfunctional lesbian relationships
in Season 6.... :)
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