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MGLPC Annual Fundraiser was Fabulous!

By Charlotte Robinson, July 18, 2008
The Massachusetts Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus held its annual fundraising event last night. Most of the political heavyweights who were responsible for gay marriage becoming the law in the Commonwealth were there. You couldn't help wanting to hug & kiss everyone for their great work. Boston's Mayor Tom Menino & lots of legislators were there. It took place in Harry Collings fabulous Back Bay rooftop duplex. Harry ran the auction for the event which took in a fair amount of $$$$......:)
Senate President Therese Murray was the special guest. She has led the most pro-LGBT Senate in the history of the Commonwealth & she is the first woman to rise to the position of Senate President. Our community owes Terry Murray a huge debt of gratitude. We'll have lots of pixs & more buzz to come....
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Anonymous said...

The 1913 law was born of racial prejudice, yet its implementation these last 5 years was motivated by anti-gay animus. We welcome the end to this vile and antiquated remnant of prejudice and bigotry.

Our battle to win and retain the right to gay marriage lasted 10 years in Massachusetts. Hopefully, the fight to repeal the 1913 law won’t last even 10 days.

We are deeply appreciative of the Governor, the Senate President Therese Murray and the Speaker for their leadership on this important issue in civil rights never take place without the support and leadership of thoughtful and committed elected leaders like them.

Arline Isaacson, MGLPC co-chair

Anonymous said...

It took Alabama, my home state, nearly 100 years to repeal its constitutional amendment outlawing interracial marriage. That was an embarrassment. It is time for Massachusetts to remove this stain of the 1913 law from its history.

I am especially proud of the leadership on this issue of Sen. Dianne Wilkerson, the state’s only African American state senator. She understands that the law’s original intent and its current use are both unacceptable. The LGBT community can be proud of her role in expanding equal marriage rights.

Mitt Romney forced Massachusetts to implement this ugly law. Now we can escape his legacy of prejudice and celebrate equal treatment under the law for all citizens.

Gary Daffin, MGLPC co-chair

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