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MGLPC Fundraising Event Pictures

By Charlotte Robinson, July 19, 2008
Host, Harry Collings, Co-Chair Arline Isaacson
& Boston's Mayor Tom Menino
Massachusetts has a lot to smile about. This State believes equality
is for all its citizens. Through the diligence and dedication of the
Massachusetts Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus our LGBT community
has equal rights & protections for their families. This is historic.
The State Senate has repealed the discriminatory 1913 Law. This
means that possibly as early as next month out-of-state gay couples
will be able to legally marry here depending on what happens with
the Legislators in the House of course.......
Senate President Therese Murray was key in making our dream
a reality. She stated that "This legislation is not about economics,
it's about equality...."
Thank you MGLPC Co-Chairs Arline Isaacson & Gary Daffin for
your dedication & commitment. Your efforts make evident that
equal rights are for all of our citizens, not just some of our citizens...
For MGLPC Info & Contributions....
View Our Trailer on Gay Marriage

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