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Hillary Vows to Stay Through Primaries :)

By Charlotte Robinson, May 14, 2008
" I'm in this race for everyone who needs a champion..." Watching the TV Media you have to laugh. :) After writing Hillary off as a contender for the Dem nomination they have to address the situation that she totally slammed Obama in West Virginia. We'll closely watch what the delegates & super delegates will do...
Hillary needs to fight to the finish. Senator Clinton has fought one of the most courageous Presidential campaigns this country has ever seen. She has triumphed with intelligence & passion. Don't be fooled by the mainstream media's false predictions. Anything can happen
here & it probably will... :) Updates to come... 
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The LGBT community supports her completely & why not? FYI, Hillary Clinton was key in passing Gay Marriage in Massachusetts by having her campaign manager, Terry McAuliffe, quietly calling legislators to sway their votes. Obama did nothing...
She's been attacked daily by the sexist media machines that have tried to crucify her credibility & integrity. Now they're blaming her for dividing the Democratic Party. Must Read.....:) The only Dems responsible for dividing the party are those who made the decision to omit Michigan & Florida for the primary election process..... :)
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Unknown said...

No, no, no ... not all, perhaps most, but there are many I'm sure who got sucked in (sorry) by all the Clintonese LGBT promises only to be let down and left out in the cold.

I saw through the curtain and saw the little man at the machine and stuck to my Republican guns and voted for the GOP.

This time I will retire my GOP guns and vote for Obama, but not the Wizardess of Oz.

Charlotte Robinson said...

Lyndon are you telling me you voted for Bush???? As a gay man how could you do that????

Anonymous said...

Charlotte it was Dole who ran against Clinton in '96 but voting for a GOP candidate who doesn't support LGBT rights at all is totally wrong...

Anonymous said...

oh honey
this country just sucks
its the same old story no one wants to talk about
everyone concentrates on racism
in this country
but we are not a whole lot further along in our sexism
than we were when we needed womens lib
its just better hidden
when hillary is strong shes called a bitch
and cold
she shes a tear and shes called a weak woman
everyone is asking her to give up
and the woman is still kicking ass
why should she give up
if this doesnt demonstrate what a strong leader she is
i dont know what would

Unknown said...

Now Charlotte, have you never heard of the Log Cabin Republicans ?

As some of my blogger friends know (I guess I forgot to tell you), this could very well be the first time since I've been voting (1972) that I may vote for a Demo Prez.

Don't faint dear, local, state, Congress & Senate, I tend to vote Demo. Dodd & Liberman have been my favorite Senators.

Charlotte Robinson said...

OMG Lydon, I'm shocked!! I don't think I've actually met a Log Cabin Republican before. Now I know why you liked my interview on conservative radio. :) I know Obama can talk the talk but do you really think he can walk the walk?

Unknown said...

The reason Hillary is marked as losing the Primaries are because she has almost no mathematical possibility to do so without completely screwing over democracy. Only way for her to realistically win is by convincing superdelegates to vote against the public and that would kill the democratic party in the general election.

And the martyrdom-like behavior she exhibit and you put forth in this article is comically pathetic. She's done nothing but spew vile ever since Iowa and is known for her double-speaking.(See; claiming to be "one of the people" when she is a multi-millionaire and has been on the Board of Directors at bloody Wal*Mart.

And she won West Virginia? Woop-de-woop, that one was called for her since before the primaries began. Who would have thought that a very racist and bigoted state would refuse to vote at a black man, no matter what kind of policies he might have?

However, don't take this as an attempt to paint Obama as some kind of angel; he has done several things throughout the campaigns and before but NOTHING close to what kind of crap Hillary has done, including wanting to LIMIT free speech(her active wish to censor video-games). How is that democratic in any way?

And to say that Obama has the media's support is nothing but a clear lie. Other than MSNBC pretty much every single network has been pro-Clinton; it isn't until it has become clear to them that Clinton is cooked that they've realized that they're backing the wrong horse.


Charlotte Robinson said...

Well Emil of course I totally disagree with you about Hillary. I'm still uncomfortable with Obama but if he becomes the Dems candidate I'll support him. As for the Dem Party as a whole, omitting Michigan & Florida kicked off this mess. There should have been a better solution. Let's see what happens in the next primaries..:)

Unknown said...

Both Florida and Michigan knew what happened if they broke the rules and they decided to do so anyway(okay, to be fair, it wasn't the Democrats of Florida's fault really, but the rules were still broken) and as such they faced the punishment they KNEW they would recieve anyway.

Besides, even IF she would have gotten all those delegates through some more half-assed cheating then she would STILL not reach Obama's delegates.

And could you please adress what exactly you disagree with me on Clinton with? It's a fact that she IS trying to limit free speech with censoring, that she WAS a Wal*Mart executive, and that she IS a multi-millionaire and has NEVER been a common working class citizen, she is not one of the people. If anyone is it's Obama since he had to actually work hard to get where he is today; she had it all handed on a platter.

Charlotte Robinson said...

I know all that about Hillary. I know a lot of people have strong opinions regarding her. I just really feel safe about her experience & very skeptical with Obama's lack of experience. So we'll just have to wait & see how this plays OUT :)

Unknown said...

While I can kinda see your point about his experience and lack thereof(but I heavily disagree; he got a lot of experience in politics. The fact that Clinton was in the White House for eight months doesn't mean jack shit; so was the White House Chef. Not to mention the "35 years of experience" bullshit claim) I wouldn't get my hopes up since it's pretty much mathematically impossible for her to win.

So, yeah.

Unknown said...

5/19/08 - This is the first chance I've had to look at Outtake since my second posting.

Here's my look at Obama, putting aside my personal feelings for the Clintons, and analyzing this as a one time reporter and co-anchor of several election nights back in the 70's here on our local radio stations here in Danbury, CT.

After watching for all these months, I difn't jump on the Obama band wagon right away. But seeing the way the US is going, yes we need that magic word CHANGE, but more importantly we need a UNIFIER.

If McCain is elected, Cap Hill will be the same old, same old. If Clinton is elected I believe it will be the same old, same old as she won't be able to bring both sides together regardless who is the Majority in Congress & the Senate.

The only one of the three who I see can bring both sides together on important issues, not just LGBT (and I don't have much hope there regardless of who is elected), but issues which need to get on the road to being resolved. Iraq, the economy, social budget issues and world politics.

In my opinion, a great manager, team leader or President, need not have all the "smarts" of the job required by the Presidency, but must be smart enough to bring into his/her inner circle and Cabinet those with the knowledge to get the job(s) done and also be able to bring all sides to the table in hopeful agreement to accomplished goals.

That's why I am supporting Obama at this point unless something major happens to change my opinion.

And Sam Nunn has been mentioned as a possible VP, which I believe would be a wise choice.

For someone who has always voted for a Republican President, Obama is not the first Democratic I would vote for.

If I had been in a different time and voting age, I would have voted for FDR & JFK.

Monica Roberts said...

Hillary lost me as a transperson the day that the Homosexual Rights Corporation endorsed her.

I didn't start supporting Obama until January 1, before he won the Iowa caucuses.

What many people convenietly forget is Hillary's only ELECTED experience is as the senator for New York. Barck Obama was gaining legslative experience in the Illinois state senate and worked as a community organizer before that. So he has a clue about the issues working class people struggle with.

Being First Lady of Arkansas or the US doesn't count as 'experience' since she wasn't in a policy making position, save the attempt in 1993 to pass universal health care which failed miserably.

See if you can guess who made this statement on GLBT rights in Febraury 2004:

We must be careful to keep our eyes on the prize-equal rights for every American. We must continue to fight for the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. We must vigorously expand hate-crimes legislation and be vigilant about how these laws are enforced. We must continue to expand adoption rights and make them consistent and seamless throughout all 50 states, and we must repeal the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" military policy.

Hillary? Nope, Barack Obama in a Febraury 11, 2004 interview with Chicago's Windy City Times.

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