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Fed Court Rules "DADT" Unconstitutional

By Charlotte Robinson, September 14, 2010
Exclusive Audio interview with Rob Epstein &
Jeffrey Friedman their new must-see poetpic
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Obama still silent on Fed Judge Ruling....
“Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” the US military's ban on openly gay
servicemembers has been found unconstitutional in US District
Court. Judge Virginia A. Phillips handed down her decision saying
that "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" violates gay, lesbian & bisexual
servicemembers First Amendment rights. Judge Phillips also
stated the policy banning openly gay & bisexual servicemembers
did not preserve military readiness. She cited evidence that the
policy has instead had a "direct & deleterious effect" on the military.
The lawsuit against "Don't Ask Don't Tell" was brought by the Log
Cabin Republicans back in 2004. This decision comes a month after
the verdict in San Francisco that rejected the ban on same-gender
marriages as a violation of the US Constitution. This is a major
victory for our LGBT community. Read Decision Updates to Come….:)
Conclusion of Exclusive Audio Interview with
R. Clarke Cooper, Executive Director of the Log
Cabin Republicans about the aftermath of Ken
Mehlman coming out & more

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R. Clarke Cooper said...

As an American, a veteran and an Army reserve officer, I am proud the court ruled that the arcane Don't Ask Don't Tell statute violates the Constitution. This ruling is not just a win for Log Cabin Republican servicemembers, but all American servicemembers.

R. Clarke Cooper is Executive Director of the Log Cabin Republicans

Dan Woods said...

We are delighted with the court's ruling in favor of Log Cabin Republicans in this important case. The court's opinion finds that "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is unconstitutional and the court will issue a permanent injunction preventing the government from further enforcement of this unconstitutional statute. This is a major victory in the fight for equality and means that military service will be available to all Americans, regardless of their sexual orientation.

Dan Woods, lead attorney for the case & partner at White & Case

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