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"Don't Ask Don't Tell" Gay Activists Arrested

By Charlotte Robinson, November 15, 2010
Gay rights activists handcuffed themselves to the White House's
north gate Monday urging President Obama to repeal the ban on gays
& lesbians serving openly in the military under “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”.
13 demonstrators organized by the GetEQUAL campaign for
gay rights; including nine veterans, a Catholic priest & other
advocates were arrested after shouting they were "proud to serve"
& vowing: "We will not disappear." Updates to Come…:)
Listen to exclusive audio byte about DADT with GetEQUAL's
Robin McGehee who was arrested on Monday....

Hear the Full Audio Interview with Robin McGehee,
Co-Founder of GetEQUAL, the grassroots LGBT org,

about the midterm elections & where our LGBT
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1 comment:

Robin McGehee said...

Today, we have sent a loud and clear message to the US Senate and President Obama that we expect them to make good on their promises to end this inhumane law this year, during the lame-duck session of Congress.

Robin McGehee, Co-Founder & Director of GetEQUAL

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