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Priscilla Queen of the Desert-No Show

By Charlotte Robinson, November 29, 2010
November 27th we were terribly disappointed to arrive at the Palace
Theatre in London with tickets in hand to learn that our performance
of Priscilla Queen of the Desert The Musical had been canceled. It
seems that the tour bus that steals the show had broken down during
the matinee & it was not functioning by the evening show.
Thousands of people stood outside the Palace in the blistering cold
as the buzz of the cancellation made its way through the crowd.
Some had purchased tickets only hours before the sold-out show.
Forms were handed out for refund applications. However some
who purchased at the two for one booth learned that they were
probably not going to see any returns on their money. We went
off to Soho for Chinese food at a not-so-great restaurant but enjoyed
a nice bottle of wine while we commiserated with a couple from
Newcastle who had just experienced the same disappointment.
Dave gave us his Priscilla Queen of the Desert program in a gesture
of kindness as we headed to check OUT the local club scene.
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Dave said...

We came down from Newcastle to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert.
We bought our tickets this afternoon at the theatre booth in Leicester Station. I’m afraid that we won’t see any returns on the tickets. Last minute tickets are not guaranteed. So not only do we not see the show, we’re out over 100£. Now it appears we have picked the worst Chinese restaurant in Soho. They don’t even hide the fact that they’re reheating the duck in a microwave.

Anonymous said...

We were on a theatre coach trip from South Wales to see the evening performance of Priscilla, and we were most disappointed that at 25 past 7 we were told by megaphone ! ! that the evening performance was cancelled. If customers had been informed earlier at least they could have maybe looked for another show in the area. People had travelled from all parts of the UK and Ireland to see this show and the way we were informed was absolutley disgusting.

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