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BETTY Performs In Provincetown

By Charlotte Robinson, October 17, 2013
The rock/pop band BETTY is returning to Women’s Week in Provincetown at The Art House for the first time since 2011 for a special run from Thursday October 17th through 19th. BETTY is the five-piece New York pop rock band led by Alyson Palmer & sisters Elizabeth & Amy Ziff. Fierce Elizabeth (vocals, guitar), funky Alyson (vocals, bass) & funny Amy (vocals, cello) are the songwriters & arrangers. At times their onstage banter between songs adds a hilarious dimension to their live shows, ensuring that no two of their one thousand performances have ever been the same. Known for their defiant attitude, tight harmonies, infectious melodies & evocative lyrics layered over strong grooves, this world-touring group’s songs have been heard extensively on radio, TV, film, commercials & political rallies. BETTY performed the theme song for Showtime Television’s show “The L Word” & their acting appearances on that program catapulted this deeply beloved cult band to wider international recognition. Activist entertainers the band is known for fighting fiercely for what they believe including LGBT equal rights, feminism, finding cures for breast cancer, AIDS, Planned Parenthood, the Pro-Choice movement, an end to sexual violence & everybody’s inalienable right to safely dance naked in the streets. A "BETTY Rules" t-shirt, an early marketing item of the band, appears on one of the AIDS quilts. As activist entertainers, BETTY is well known for their performances at rallies for causes in which they support like LGBT equality & rights for women & girls. They’ve also written seven TV theme songs, film appearances & commercial jingles.
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