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Red Sox & Gay Marriage Win

By Charlotte Robinson, October 31, 2013

When you’re from or live in Boston there’s nothing quite like the emotional charge when the Red Sox win the World Series & the celebrations go on for months. The team this year was so filled with heart they just had to win. However there’s one issue that coincides with this & that’s gay marriage. In Missouri where the Saint Louis Cardinals are from there are no LGBT protections for gay & lesbian families. This is bad karma for winning pennants. When gay marriage passed in Massachusetts & gay & lesbian couples legally married in 2004 the Red Sox won the World Series for the first time since 1918 breaking the curse. Though gay marriage became legal in 2004 it spent the next 3 years working its way through state legislators who finally made it the law in Massachusetts in June of 2007. That year the Red Sox won the World Series again. Now in 2013 after the US Supreme Court ruled DOMA is unconstitutional & legally married couples can finally receive federal rights & protections for their families the Red Sox comeback from last place in 2012 to win the World Series once again. The only other thing missing is an openly gay player on the Red Sox. Maybe one exists or maybe not but you can’t help wonder with all their facial hair this year they look like a rowdy group of gay bears. Hopefully next year in major league baseball some brave player will come out & become a role model for our LGBT youth. But in the meantime…
Congrats Red Sox!!
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